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Do you have available property that would be great for a Raw Attitude™ Juice Bar location? To extend our franchise program with available locations, we want to register your place and have look for potentiel future franchisees to build a Raw Attitude™ Juice Bar.

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Store plans and design

All Raw Attitude™ Juice Bars are following the same guidelines for exterior and interior design. This can either be in combination with BioCasa Franchise or as a stand alone Juice Bar. Depending on the further requirements for location and surroundings, Raw Atittude store design is build around a very flexible concept and can adapt to basically any location type and size.

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Talk to BioCasa

BioCasa Health S.L. is the main company that developed the Raw Attitude™ Juice Bar. Also since most supplies and resources are shared beween the two franchises, it is in BioCasa's interest to extend to locations that can house both at the same time. BioCasa Health S.L. also is provider of overall marketing strategy, tools and resources for marketing and branding guidelines.

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What We're Looking For

BioCasa Health S.L. is interested in securing prime locations in your area right now! The Raw Attitude™ chain is expanding, and there is high demand for suitable sites worldwide. Our flexible floor plans mean we can locate a Juice Bar within almost any facility that you may have. It is in our best interest, as well as yours, that once a site is filled with a Raw Attitude™ Juice Bar that it remains a Raw Attitude™ Juice Bar. To submit a site for consideration, or if you have any questions, contact us today!

Looking for a Raw Attitude Juice Bar in your town?

We would love to build a Juice Bar near you. Tell us which city you live in and when we are ready and have enough interest we will give it a go! Remember to subscribe to our newsletter and be notified once we open near you!