Why Raw Attitude?

RawAttitude means fresh food, creative mind and hands, an awakened spirit and beautiful life. This is the intention that flows into our cold-pressured juices and smoothies and it it is this spirit that we want to deliver into each and every bottle we make with our hands and hearts.

A life changing mission

RawAttitude was founded by Vanda Lakatos. The RawAttitude story began at BioCasa, The SuperFoodStore, where a dream was born to help people transform their lives through conscious nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Founder Vanda Lakatos has been searching for alternative methods from a young age and firmly believes that what you put in your body affects how you look and how you feel.

Based on passion from experts

Federico Damain Conde Latou has been a part of Raw Attitude™ from the beginning. He has a background as a naturopath and raw vegan sproutarian and spent his entire life researching and traveling around the world to give countless workshops and talks about living foods to create healthy, wholesome life. They met in 2011 in Vanda’s first store and bonded over their mutual passion of delivering information and nutrition through foods and beverages that also tasted fresh and delicious.

Support to local farmers

All natural ingredients used in the juices in Raw Attitude† is supplied from local farmers. This is a way to ensure high quality products and ingredients, reducing the time products have to travel for delivery, and at the same time supporting the local farmers who are doing a wonderful job with organic and natural production.

Are you running a farm producing natural and organic fruits and vegetables? Then let us know about it >

Juicing Program and Healthy Deli

Raw Attitude is more than just a juice bar. Along with the production of juices for visiting customers, Raw Attitude™ runs a juicing program active through this website. This makes it possible for people to have juices delivered directly to the door and be given the correct nutrition targeted their needs.

As of August 2016, Raw Attitude™ also extended with a new Healthy Deli. The Healthy Deli is a concept for bringing real Organic Living foods to the customers a part from the juices and smoothies.

Looking for a Raw Attitude Juice Bar in your town?

We would love to build a Juice Bar near you. Tell us which city you live in and when we are ready and have enough interest we will give it a go! Remember to subscribe to our newsletter and be notified once we open near you!