Get ready to begin the Juicing Program!

The juicing program consists of 5 bottles a day. Each bottle contains 550ml of freshly made juice, made only with organic and natural ingredients delivered by local farmers.

Some of these juices can be customized to suit the needs in case of allergies or any specific dislikes, though all of the juices and ingredients are chosen and made by Raw Attitude™. This also makes each juice vary a bit in taste and experience without leaving the chosen program's concept.

The program can consist of the same category of juices throughout the juicing period, or different categories of juices each day. It is recommended to have at least one entire day of the same program to ensure the desired results.

And the juicing program is just
30€ per day Get started

Only available for store pickup in Malaga or Fuengirola.

Step 1

For how many days do you wish to do the juicing program?


3 5 7 10
3 days of juicing.
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Step 2

Do you want the same program for all 3 days, or do you want to mix them?


Keep the same program Mix the program
Juicing Program
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Step 3

When do you want to begin your program?


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Step 4

Billing details


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Step 5

Special dietary requirements
This is in case you have any allergies and/or dislikes that you want us to avoid adding to your juicing program.


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3 days of juicing.


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